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Whatcha Gonna Do-feat. Mjg

  rnb  hip-hop  soul  r and b  hip hop
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Текст песни 112 - Whatcha Gonna Do-feat. Mjg

112 - Whatcha Gonna Do-feat. Mjg слова песни

You tell me you`re keepin` it real with meYou tell me that I`m the only oneYou say you`ll never leave me lonely, girlThat was a lieI never wanna see your face againI don`t even wanna be your friendDon`t wanna be used by you againSo I`m saying goodbyeGirl, I know that you`re thinkin`I`m just playing with your headAnd I know you been tossingAnd turning in your bedTrying to figure out the reasonWhy I left you all aloneWas it worth you giving upThe greatest love you`ve ever knownListen babyBaby, whatcha gonna do without meWhatcha gonna do without my loveWhatcha gonna do when my love is gone away from youWhatcha gonna do without meAnd everything I used to do for youWhatcha gonna do when my love is gone away from youAlrightI never shoulda put my trust in youBut I never thought you`d let me downIt seems like you get a thrill out ofOut of making me cryAnd baby everybody`s seen it but meCuz I was so blind I couldn`t seeI never really needed your helpI could do for myselfBaby, can`t you seeI want it for you moreThan you want it for yourselfAlways there for youI was there for you, there for youWhat ever you neededYou know what I`ve gone through for you[MJG]I was saying bye-bye babyNow whatcha gonna doMy love is gone, the money gone and the house tooNow how bout you?Get away from me and let me clear my mindThis is hurtin` me just to visit you one more timeI know you fine but I ain`t gonna get distracted by your charmI figure this is the beginning, you intended some harmRemain calm, it ain`t no reason to drop the ballyou should get 10 points just for being On My ArmBut still, that`s the past tense, I was speakin` a thenYou asking me `bout that woman now, it`s a negative ten"I had to catch myself before I tried to make her my girlStart a family and start to bring kids in this worldSee life is like a gun, it can backfire then shoot you.What`s good for the present ain`t always good for the futureI shake and shiver, look deeply in the mirrow at myselfWondering will I make it with someone elseWhatcha gonna do...

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