Soulja`s Story

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Текст песни 2Pac - Soulja`s Story

2Pac - Soulja`s Story слова песни

[repeat softly 2X in the background] *All you wanted to be, a soulja, a souljaAll you wanted to be, a soulja, like meAll you wanted to be, a soulja, a souljaAll you wanted to be, a soulja, like me* audible after `Pac says the word "welfare"[`Pac talking as `Soulja`]They cuttin off welfare..They think crime is risin nowYou got whites killin blacks,cops killin blacks, and blacks killin blacksShit just gon` get worseThey just gon` become souljasStraight souljasChorus: 2Pac (repeat 2X)All you wanted to be, a soulja, a souljaAll you wanted to be, a soulja, like meAll you wanted to be, a soulja, a souljaAll you wanted to be, a soulja, like me[2Pac as `Soulja`]Crack done took a part of my family treeMy mom is on the shit, my daddy`s splittin, mom is steady blamin meIs it my fault, just cause I`m a young black male?Cops sweat me as if my destiny is makin crack salesOnly fifteen and got problemsCops on my tail, so I bail til I dodge `emThey finally pull me over and I laugh"Remember Rodney King?" and I blast on his punk assNow I got a murder case.... you speak of heaven punk?I never heard of the placeWanted to come up fast, got a Uz and a black maskDuckin fuckin `Task`, now who`s the jack-ass?Keep my shit cocked, cause the cops got a glock tooWhat the fuck would you do - drop them or let `em drop you?I chose droppin the copI got me a glock, and a glock for the niggaz on my blockMomma tried to stab me, I moved outSold a pound a weed, made G`s, bought a new houseI`m only seventeen, I`m the new kidGot me a crew, bought `em jewels, and a Uz`-thickBut all good things don`t last`Task` came fast, and busted my black assCoolin in the pen, where the good`s keptNow my little brother wants to follow in my footstepsA souljaChorus[2Pac]Buck, buck - niggaz get fucked, don`t step to thisQuiet as kept I`m blessed on a quest with a death wishTell `em to come and test, and arrest, nigga it`s hecticHere`s the anorexic, I`m makin it to an exitWalkin through the streets on the black tipPacked with several gats, cause I`m on some "pay `em back" shitNiggaz don`t wanna try me, brother you`ll get shot downNow I`m king of the block, since my bigger brother`s locked downI`m hot now, so many punk police have got shot downOther coppers see me on the block, and they jock nowThat`s what I call a kingpinSend my brother what he needs and some weed up to Sing-SingTellin him just be ready setPack ya shit up quick; and when I hit, be prepared to jetNiggaz from the block on the boat nowEvery single one got a gun, that`ll smoke - pow!These punks about to get hit by the bestI`m wearin double vest.. so aim at my fuckin chestI`ll be makin straight dome callsTouch the button on the wall, you`ll be pickin up your own ballsI can still hear my mother shout.."Hit the pig nigga, break your bigger brother out"I got a message for the wardenI`m comin for ya ass, as fast as Flash GordenWe get surrounded in the mess hall, yes y`allA crazy motherfucker makin death callsJust bring me my brother and we leavinFor every minute you stall, one of y`all bleedin..They brought my brother in a jiffyI took a cop, just in case things got trickyAnd just as we was walkin out (BANG!)I caught a bullet in the head, the screams never left my mouthMy brother caught a bullet tooI think he gon` pull through, he deserve toThe fast life ain`t everything they told yaNever get much older, following the tracks of a souljaChorusChorus [softly in background 0.5X][`Pac speaking over background]Straight soulja, 1993, and forward..

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