Dogs On Leads

  heavy metal  hard rock  metal  german  power metal
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Текст песни Accept - Dogs On Leads

Accept - Dogs On Leads слова песни

He stares at her, his teeth are bareBlood gets hot, he wants it now,He wants it rare, but something`s thereThat holds him back from the attackBefore the kill he feels the thrillSomething is there, that cools him offAnd it seems some kind of toughWhat a force on leadsThey wait for you, they`re getting bigBut they can hide, their lust is hugeSome are nice, and some are falseAnd all they want is that you believeThat they are just like you and meThey`re talking sweet, they`re acting calmThey are so smooth, they`re so niceBut if they could they would biteDogs on leads -- dogs on leadsDogs on leads -- dogs on leadsOh, it`s so meanNo one knows that they`re outrageousAs long as they are treated graciousOnce cut off they`re getting wildBut someone`s there, who leads the leadAnd they can walk in a lineAnd they dance on a reinSomething`s there that cools them offBut it seems some kind, some kind of toughThey`re allDogs on leads -- dogs on leadsDogs on leads -- dogs on leadsDogs on leadsAnd the sweetest of the sweetestIs a hunter held on leadsThey`re the nicest -- they`re the calmestNo one knows it -- who`s the beastDon`t you turn `rough, it`s too dangerousSo you better catch the leadIf they`re hungry, they might hurryAnd you better feed the needDogs on leads -- dogs on leadsDogs on leads -- dogs on leadsOh yeah!Dogs on leads -- dogs on leadsDogs on leadsDogs -- dogs on leads

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