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Текст песни Accept - Donation

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Its way past noon - I just woke upMan - I feel like shitOne drink too much - took me right outHow the hell did I get homeWas still in bed when I heard the doorSomebody kept on knockinAnd there she was - neat as a pinSmile on the face - staring down at meThere she was - there she wasAsking for a little donationThere she was - there she wasShakin more than my foundationsSo I asked her in - to my surpriseShe didnt waste no timeShe took off her dress - kicked off her shoesAnd threw away her glassesShe was here - she said - to save my soulAsking for a little donationI gave her all I had to giveWaiting for my salvationThere she was - there she wasPraying for a little donationOn her knees - there she wasShakin more than my foundations- there she wasBegging for a little donationDown on her knees -She rocked me down to my foundations - down to my foundationsIts all for a good purposeBut it aint for charityIts all for a good purposeShe came for money - and gave her dignityC.o.d. - chanty - no chargeC.o.d. - chanty - no feesC.o.d. - charityC.o.d. - charityC.o.d. - charity - she came - she saw- she conqueredC.o.d. - charityC.o.d. - charity - she came - she saw - she had it from meC.o.d. - charityC.o.d. - charity - downC.o.d. - charity - down on meC.o.d. - charity - oh lordC.o.d. - charity - shes sucking out the devil, the devil in meYou know - Im goodDo you like my holy donationJust call on me - when ever you wantAnd rock me down to my foundations- there she wasAsking for a little donationDont ever stop - dont spill a dropKeep a shakin ona my foundations

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