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Текст песни Acheron - Lifeforce (the Blood)

Acheron - Lifeforce (the Blood) слова песни

Within slaves lurks the sacred heartA food that the chosen needFlowing energy that must be absorbedWhile the vampire feedsThe human species is its sourceThat`s why they were bredImmortals search for the taste of "The Blood"So that they may be fedLittle by little victims are drainedTo quench the savage thirstBeing careful not to take too muchFor their tiny minds will burstThis precious power within the fleshIs our living keyLost children of the temple`s broodSoon you all shall seeLifeforce, lifeforceLifeforce, lifeforceThose who understand the pleasures of the drinkShall realize the magick it possessesAnd those who don`t will never understandBecause they are not of our kindBlessed be the blood!

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