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Текст песни Bauhaus - spirit | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3

Bauhaus - spirit | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3 слова песни

Spirit --BauhausOk... This isn`t really a guitar song, but I`ve got the guitar and most ofthe synth stuff figured out. Here`s what I get....Intro (guitar)--------------------------------- --------------------------------- Another guitar comes and doubles this--------------------------------- second time through.----------------------------------2/3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3----------------------------------Now that synth thing comes in. It does this (transcribed for the guitar):-7h8h11---11p8p7-- -6p5p3------------------------ ------------------------------ a few times and then ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------ This goes on throughout the first verse. When I play it, I usually justplay along with it like this (with a clean tone):D (power chord) B (power) Tonight I could be with you Or waiting in the wingsD (power) B (power)Lift your heart with soaring song Cut down the puppet stringsG (major) G (major)Cut down the puppet strings I really don`t know if there *is* guitar here. If so, its not veryprominant. Anyway, I`m pretty sure all the instruments go D B D B G G for the verses.... In the break before the third verse, the synth goes:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0------------0-------3-----2-3-2--3-3-------2-3-2--3----3-2-3-2-3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------During the "If I am on the sidelines..." and the "I may tap you on theshoulder..." parts, I don`t know what the synth is doing.... anybody?That`s about it. If anybody knows what the guitar is really doing here, I`d appreciate it. IMHO, this is the best song off of "The Sky`s Gone Out"and I`d love to get any corrections if you got any.

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