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Every Little ThingBeatlesFrom the album "Beatles for Sale"Intro|----------------------------||-5--5--5---5-----10---12----||-6--7--6---4-----11---13----||-7--7--7---7-----12---14----||----------------------------||----------------------------| A D EWhen I`m walking beside her A G APeople tell me I`m lucky Bm A G AYes I know I`m a lucky guyI remember the first timeI was lonely without herYes I`m thinking about her nowCHORUS Chorus fill A GEvery little thing she does |---------------| G A |-53----3/5----|She does for me, yeah |-64----4/6----| A G |-75----5/7----|And you know the things she does |---------------| G A |---------------|She does for me, oohWhen I`m with her I`m happyJust to know that she loves meYes I know that she loves me nowThere is one thing I`m sure ofI will love her foreverFor I know love will never dieChorusBridge|-------------------------------------------------------------||-5-5-5--5---10--12----5-5-5--5--3--10------7-----5----3---5--||-6-7-6--4---11--13----6-7-6--4--4--11----9-----6----4---6----||-7-7-7--7---12--14----7-7-7--7--5--12--9-----7----5---7------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------|Chorus (play intro)Every little thingEvery little thing

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