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[Mr Lawnge]Yo! The Black Sheep has arisen here, oh dearThe cat`s out the bag and it`s the end of your careerDon`t spit it out, let it persevereI like to see my dick snot disappearI got inch out the edge, Lawnge Don can`t compareSo, ho, come here!Now some say they get live but the Sugar Dick is live-erIn and out of any situation like MacGuyverIf it`s not Boopie`s then it`s Lady Godiva`sWhen it comes to hitting ass I`m a striverI`ll use my dick to fight a war so there won`t be no survivorCall me the Nine Point Fiver!Cause I`m the sugar dick, the Sugar Dick Daddy Mr LawngeOf the Black Sheep here to point out what`s wrongWith emcees like these popping that bullshit, please!?Hang it up, blackIf it`s a God-given talent then take that shit backAnalyse the style, go home and re-writeI know you wanna be down, I know you wanna be likeME! The Sugar Dick Daddy LawngeIf you think that you can play me, nah, you`re dead wrongCause I write lines and wreck mindsBeing that I`m the DJ I can flip at any timeI`ll diss you on the rhyme, diss you on the cutHave you on the dick so much there`s no room for my nutsForget rapping, you nerds are herbsJust get a job and ride my dick to workRespect the Lawnge one cause fly shit I mail outYo, you got the wrong one if you think I`ll sell outUsed to have a ho and I`m damn glad we fell outI would keep on rapping but it`s time to break the hell out[Dres]Yo bust it, I be a fly nigga as far as niggas goI be a choice brother but only a brother would knowChilling Eskimo as the general ruleIf you can`t say Dres, you can call me coolStyles unlimited, you can`t get with itBut you can get this if you straddled and it fittedI wondered and I pondered if your family were RomanCause you`re snuggly and you`re cuddly, play me closely like a TrojanAh-ah, it busted, aww shit, don`t act dumbYou opened your mouth, black, so yo here I comeIt`s a catastrophic state but let it beginIf my dick`s on your minds then my balls are on your chinNow here it`s kind rough, so kids stay on your toesIf my balls or on your chin then pubic hair is up your noseIf pubic hair is up your nose then I supposeI`m the nigga that gets and you`re the nigga that blowsMy style is immeasurable so put away your rulerThink of the coolest kid you know, Dres is coolerSmoother, slicker, quicker roll-flickerHoney came bloody so I hit her in the shitterWent to a first stone caster cum a master blasterTell you cause I know, black, get off the slim fasterI know you wanna emcee and be down with the restBut stay on the head now cause that`s what you do bestYour duck down sound compound no interestGet down with the flock, motherfucker, investIn the rhyming you`re designing, I can see your shit climbingTo the bottom from the mid where it hid, bad timing?What do you wanna know, I still gotta goYou`re a tic out of tac but I`m busy getting doeMove over just a bit for the sight taking flightStill eager as the Beaver and I`m leading with my rightI`ll coin one more then step, daggonitOur dicks are the planet and where are you?

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