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Текст песни Bloodhound Gang - Right Turn Clyde

Bloodhound Gang - Right Turn Clyde слова песни

Times New Roman you know the type Calling me Public Enemy but don`t believe the hype Tough guy like the one in "Star 80" wanna bait me Hook line sinker now your lady wanna date me Gave your girl a little wink so you make a big stink Shoulder`s got a chip so you flip like a Tiddlywink Know what I think? I think you might be Darwin`s missing link Get all bent out of shape when the heat is on just like a Shrinky Dink Bet I can take a hint better than I can take a hit Completely incompatible though I`m a pussy and you`re a dick How can you hold a grudge when you can`t even hold a job? Should have known butter but you`re not corn on the cob I choose to use a song for a weapon not a sword struck a chord If I wanted to see stars I`ll watch the "Academy Awards" That`s why I ran like a Flock Of Seagulls why make-up like Mary Kay? You must`ve given up on hair plugs cause now you`re going toupee All in all you`re just another dick with no balls All in all you`re just another dick with no balls Mama said talk this out and resolve Don`t wanna be involved so gimme a call when you evolve Doggy paddle to the shallow end of the gene pool Half with it half wit half finished high school Give you a piece of my mind but I know you want it splattered Heard you like your women like you like your shrimp you like em battered Wife beater perfectly fitting apparel Where`s your brother Daryl? Where`s your other brother Daryl? Givin` me that Macho Man Randy Savage stare Wanna snap into a Slim Jim break my limbs but do I care? No sorry I`m a lover not a fighter commit your crime I`ll be glad to do your girlfriend I`ll be glad that you do time Here`s the deal I cop a feel you cop a plea but get the maximum Now we both got records but the difference is mine`s platinum Definitely showed this yellow bellied wimp limp in your cell now though alone When you`re choking your chicken your chick will be choking on this chicken`s bone All in all you`re just another dick with no balls All in all you`re just another dick with no balls Right turn Clyde Right turn Clyde Right turn Clyde Right turn Clyde

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