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Текст песни Bob Marley - Caution

Bob Marley - Caution слова песни

here i am walkin down the street(walkin.. walkin.. walkin..)and the children... everything is so sweet whoa whoa whoa sweet whoa whoa whoa sweetim doin my thang and im doin it slow but there is just one thang i would like you to know ooh plenty ways to stay free yea when your grumpy grumpy if slightly you will tumble down dont wash it on the ground Whoa Caution the road is wet black soul is black as jet did you hear me Caution the road is hot yea said youve got to do better than that cause theres plenty ways to stay free(when your wet and slippery) yea when your grumpy (when your grumpy grumpy)if slightly you should tumble downdont wash it on the ground.... brother...hit me from the top you craze him on the funk yeahit me from the top you craze him on the funk yea

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