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Текст песни Bone Thugs N Harmony - Everyday Thang

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Everyday Thang слова песни

Everyday it was almost the same thang`Cause it`s all about survival of the fittestWhat you are about to hear will portrayThe image of a young black male living everyday lifeIn the ghetto todaySo Bone, drop dat[Bizzy](You know what?) Live like a hustla`Cause I ain`t with bein` brokeI`m rollin` dope, and I`m bound to let the gun smokeI`m gettin` richer everyday becauseI`m selling crack, and, yo, police ain`t jackSo I just wait to pull the trigger backI sell a twenty, a ten, and I won`t let you slideI need all ten, and I ain`t takin` nine ninety-nineSo how you figure you`re gettin` up around the Bone?You try to gank, you catch some blows to your damn domeDon`t take no shorts, that`s why I`m climbin` to the topAnd everyday I sell a thousand dollars worth of rocksYo, ain`t it funny the way the Bone will make his moneyAnd won`t get caught because the copsTo me ain`t nothin` but dummies?So what you need? I`m servin`Everything is straight. I mean it`s greatAnd now I`m rollin` heavyweightAnd coppers hate to see me come up off the `caneAnd makin` ends to Biz is like (just) an everyday thangEveryday it was almost the same thang`Cause it`s all about survival of the fittest[Layzie]I hit the floorAnd now I`m lookin` for my khaki pantsI looked around and couldn`t find `emSo I put on Stan`sAnd then I headed to the closet for my Fila shoesThey lookin` hit `cause I was runnin`From the biggy-blues (siren)That`s when I headed out the hizzyAnd jumped in the smugAnd put my skully on my headAnd now I`m lookin thugCar souped upPosse seven deepNow we gettin looseWell since we posse`d upWe might as well go get the brewsI bust a u-turn on the ClairSo we can rush the storeWe need a case, or maybe twoOr maybe three or fourPay for the brews, up in the smugAnd now we gettingI be like, "Word up cuz,"Brushin` on my peach fuzzLooked for the partyCause there`s lots of women to be grabbin`We went on ? to the one Ali was havin`We stepped up in it, pumped as hellAnd yo it wasn`t lameAnd gettin` brewed to Layzie BoneIs just an everyday thang Everyday it was almost the same thang`Cause it`s all about survival of the fittest[Krayzie]Load up the pistol, ask Layzie for a couple clipsAnd get the twelve-gauge, cause I got another lickRound up the posse, call up James, WishAnd double-Zs, my nigga Tone, ?You know we scorin` keysI heard the dread`s sellin` some dopeIt`s comin off the lake, down at the dockAnd yo, it `posed to be at eightSo hurry up, we getting paid, no matter what the costAnd since they thinkin` they all thatThey gotta take a lossThey can`t hang with the BonesGet it in your head, forget a dreadI`m leavin` all those suckas deadWe on the scene, I must admit, Hoop Phi`s drunkThey started slamin` those dreads like a power dunkI mean, blastin` and crashin`, K-Bone is the assassinI started sprayin`, and count out casketsWe got the dope, and we got richBut yo, we still the same, and it`ll never change`Cause it`s an everyday thangEveryday it was almost the same thang`Cause it`s all about survival of the fittest[Layzie]Call up your posse, chump, and yoAnd you will never win itBecause my organization, seeWe got fifty million niggas in itYou wanna scrap? Come on, let`s do itWe can get it doneIt`s kinda funny plus I`ll show you thatI`m not the one (I ain`t the one)You stupid bro, now what you ball up your fist for?Make you think we was buckin`And capped you down with my pistolA dirty move, yo, Layzie had the sucka fooledYeah, it was cool. They shoulda had the boy schooledYou messin`with a brotha, Bone. Yes it`s good to goI beat on niggas everyday, so, yo, I`m not a hoSo gimme P`s if you see me walkin` down the streetBecause I can`t be beat, known for breakin` niggas teethI`m droppin B`s, and you never catch me chill and calmI hang with Vicki when I wanna drop the damn bombSee all my fellas, and even the BoneWe is insane, and throwin` blows on foesIs just an everyday thang Yeah, Layzie Bone up in the houseYou know what I`m sayin?I gotta give some P`s up to my homiesThat`s still doin them everyday thangs with meI gotta say what`s up to my brother Stan HowseVicki da Bomb, Wish Bone, Bizzy BoneAnd Krayzie Bone, my boy Tony Tone, Old MoAnd the troublemakers in the houseFor these funky productions, and yoK-Chill`s in the house, too, so bus tickets, G`Cause it`s all about survival of the fittest

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