Comin Apart

  soft rock  classic rock  70s  oldies  rock
273 3 часа назад

Текст песни Bread - Comin Apart

Bread - Comin Apart слова песни

Were, were comin apart againWere goin back, back to the start again.Dont, dont talk about right or wrong;We closed our eyes, and our time was gone.Time, time is life, and life is time.Im takin yours, and you are takin mineDont, dont take it too hard my friend,Cause i, I take it to heart my friend.Theres, theres something in time againThat heals all of the pain thats been.Time , time is life and one must choose;Youve taken more out of me than youll ever hope to use.Time n time again, Ive told you so.Youve taken more from me,And its time for me to go.

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