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Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Leavin` train

Bruce Springsteen - Leavin` train слова песни

When I ask you if everything is alrightYou whisper "Don`t worry" and you shut out the lightNow black is black in this bed we`re layingAnd I wanna believe the words that you`re saying CHORUS:But your eyes look like a leavin` trainThey keep on dragging me downYour eyes look like a leavin` trainThey keep on draggin`They keep on draggin`They keep on draggin` me down Well I did anything just to try to get close to youI took it step by step like a man`s supposed toTell me now, is this myIs this my contritionTo have the love that I longed for fill me with suspicion(CHORUS) Now it`s tellin` time, oh my little sisterNow can I believe the words, the words of love you whisperIs my train in vain, has my soul gone to wasteAm I just a victim of, a victim of my lost faith (CHORUS)

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