Bruce Springsteen

Remember when The Music

  rock  classic rock  singer-songwriter  80s  folk
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Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Remember when The Music

Bruce Springsteen - Remember when The Music слова песни

Remember when the musicCame from wooden boxesStrung with silver wiresAnd as we sangThe words would set our hearts on fireTo believe in thingsSo wed singRemember when the musicBrought us all togetherTo stand inside the rainAnd as wed join handsWed meet in the refrainWith dreams to liveAnd hope to giveRemember when the musicWas the best that wed dream ofFor ours childrens timeAnd as wed worked wed singCause we knew timeWas just a lieA gift to sayA gift that future gaveRemember when the musicWas a rock we could cling toSo we would not despairAnd as we sang wed knewWed hear an echo in the airAnd if we werent smiling thenWed smile againAnd all the times I listenedAnd all the times I heardAnd all the melodies Im missingAnd all the magic wordsAll the beautiful wordsAll the beautiful voicesAnd all the choices we had theni hope you find you gotThose kind of choices once againRemember when the musicBrought the nightAcross the valleyAnd as we hum the melodyWed be safe within the soundSo wed sleepTo awake with dreamsAnd promises to keep

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