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Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - Sugarland

Bruce Springsteen - Sugarland слова песни

Theyre grazin the fieldCovered with tarCant get a priceTo see my way clearIm sitting downAt the sugarland barIt might as well buryMy body right hereTractors and combinesOut in the coldSheds piled highWith the wheat we aint soldSilos filled withLast years cropsIf something dont break meWell gonna dropWell my wife got anotherComing in julyShes just laid up in bedAll she does is cries, cries, criesTommy, oh tommyIm so aloneTommy, oh tommyOh! wont you stay homePa dont say nothingExcept when it rainsHe sits by the windowListening to the sound of passing trainsRoaring out of the nightCarrying an empty loadWe got a whole lot of grainThat aint got nowhere to goWell, if pricesDont get no higherIll fill this dustbin with gasand set these fields on fireSit out on a ridgeWhere the bluebirds flyAnd watch the flame rise upAgainst this sugarland sky

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