Carly Simon

I`m A Fool To Want You

  female vocalists  pop  singer-songwriter  70s  rock
190 3 часа назад

Текст песни Carly Simon - I`m A Fool To Want You

Carly Simon - I`m A Fool To Want You слова песни

I`m a fool to want you, I`m a fool to want youTo want a love that can`t be true, a love that`s there for others tooI`m a fool to hold you, such a fool to hold youTo seek a kiss not mine alone, to share a kiss the devil has knownTime and time again I said I`d leave youTime and time again I went awayAnd then would come a time when I would need youAnd once again these words I`d have to sayTake me back, I love you, pity me, I need youI know it`s wrong, it must be wrongBut right or wrong I can`t get along without youhmmmm, I`m a fool to want youYou hurt me time and time againBut I still love you babeI`m a fool, I`m your fool

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