Christina Aguilera

We`re A Miracle

  pop  female vocalists  rnb  soul  dance
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Текст песни Christina Aguilera - We`re A Miracle

Christina Aguilera - We`re A Miracle слова песни

Here we are, safe at last
We can breathe a sigh; it seems the storm has passed
Through it all, no one knew
That all the tears in heaven would bring me back to you
No one I know imagined we would make it
But it only matters that we both believed, oh

You and me, we`re a miracle
Meant to be, and nothing can change it
Mountains move and oceans part
When they are standing in our way
You and me, we`re a miracle
Angels stand watching over us
And Heaven shines upon us ev`ry day

Ev`ry time I felt near defeat
You were there for me, on my side completely
You give me strength, you set me free
This is because of you: I`m more than I can be
Oh, when I`m with you, the world is ours to reach for
Together, there is nothing we can`t do

(Repeat chorus)

The chance was so unlikely
That we would ever be, oh
Two stars among the heavens
Destiny brought you to me

(Repeat chorus)

You and me, we`re a miracle (miracle)
You and me, we`re a miracle (miracle)

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