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Текст песни Codename: Rocky - Surrounded

Codename: Rocky - Surrounded слова песни

Sometimes I`m feeling surround.....Sometimes I`m feeling surrounded Someone tell me it`s my imagination, Just a dream I had. Gambling away what`s left of a life sometimes I wish I never had. Surrounded in my mind once againHappens time and time again,Fighting to keep the good aliveBut my bad side always seems to win. When I can`t see the light, How can I choose a side? Surrounded by my darkness once again The wings of obscurity come grasp me up again, So surrounded...but it seems ok. I really think the worst of me is coming back again,So surrounded...but it seems ok to me.I slowly seep into a depth Where others cannot see. Try to open eyes sealed by the death of my obscurity. I really try but wish to offer you Such an unsteady heart. I watch my fate unravel as my life slowly tears apart.When I can`t see the light,How can I choose a side? Surrounded by my darkness once again. But still I wonder what is wrong with me, So give it up, and now, turning worlds upside down.

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