Compton`s Most Wanted

This is Compton 2000

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Текст песни Compton`s Most Wanted - This is Compton 2000

Compton`s Most Wanted - This is Compton 2000 слова песни

(Compton`s in the house)[ Chill ]You know what time it isYouknowmsayinO.G.`s in this shitCMW back in yo ass one timeIt`s part 2, bitchYou better bag yo hoe ass up and recognize real game in yo faceWhat[ VERSE 1: Chill ]Make a right on Alondra and see my name on the wallTha Chill MC, remember me, from the land of the smallCreepy crawlin, so I`m thuggin till my eyes shut tightScandalous shit that I see, so the scandalous shit that I writeI know the world got a ghetto, but see, I`m speakin on mineOne-time, rat bitches, greedy niggas on the grindHub City, boy, I love it, wouldn`t trade jack for itOnly half-employed, the other half ain`t boredThey credit-scamming, panhandling, lley-slanging, gangbangingHangin to get the chips, haters flappin they lipsTrip if I have to, hook and I know that I couldHooked up, meet with every set, spread love through every hoodBut there`s too many beefs to be callin some shotsTryin to plug the [Name], Tragniews and Nutty BlocksNiggas done died for they turf, doin life for they turfPuttin work in, they close the curtain, the judges are adjournedAnd it`s probably the same where y`ll atFools losin they whole life on both ends of the strapsI`m low key, still in the City and gon` keep it jumpinBitch, they call me Tha Chill, and yo, this is Compton(Compton`s in the house)(Compton`s in the house)[ Boom Bam ]This is Compton(Compton`s in the house)This is Compton[ VERSE 2: Boom Bam ]C-o-m-p-t-o-nThat`s where I`m from, my friendThat`s the place where all that gangsta shit startedRest in peace to my dearly departedSmoked in the line of duty, no mysteryNow you see why Compton`s makin history?Heard you was dissin me, talkin about killin meShit, I don`t think you muthafuckas feelin meWe here to take the crown backCause most of you high profile suckers sound wackIn fact, you lackin the skills that`s neededYou must be too drunk or you must be too weededEnemies get defeated, and that`s a factThousands of Westsider niggas got my backSo come strong, bring it on and catch a stompinMuthafucka, this is Compton(Compton`s in the house)[ MC Eiht ]GeahCompton, niggaGeahCompton all day, come onGeah(Compton`s in the house)[ VERSE 3: MC Eiht ]Remember the days when I used to tote a deuce-five heaterCoppin the fat sacks of stress in Watts off AlamedaYoung nigga from the hood, love the hood life, sonCompton - bail through, better bring a gunMy nigga Todd from the Park to nigga on cueBattle ground was the ghetto down in TragniewBallers, skeezers, no age limit mattersWhen the one-times hit the block, knuckleheads all scatterHittin the fence down the alley with a ass full of caviOne house downtown that`d love to have meWith a swap meet up the block to get gear when I`m loc`inLiqor sto` right next do` to get papers, we smokinFo` deep in a fo` do` bucket with fo` heatsAdd fo` mo`, that`s 16 slugs sweepin your streetWho say Compton niggas can`t get no pussy and scratch?When it`s a gang of fuckin cluckheads and a pack of hoodratsThis is Compton[ *DJ Mike T scratches* ](The might Mike T is now..)(Compton`s Most Wanted, punk, rollin fo` deep)(Tha Chill is ready, so pass me the sack)(Compton`s Most Wanted, punk, rollin fo` deep)(Eiht is back again with power after hour)(Compton`s Most Wanted, punk, rollin fo` deep)(Slip plays the drums, the SP 1200)(Compton`s Most Wanted, punk, rollin fo` deep)(Compton`s)(Compton`s in the house)

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