Dead Can Dance

Don`t Fade Away

  ambient  ethereal  darkwave  gothic  world
200 3 часа назад

Текст песни Dead Can Dance - Don`t Fade Away

Dead Can Dance - Don`t Fade Away слова песни

Don`t fade awayMy brown-eyed girlCome walk with meI`ll fill your heart with joyAnd we`ll dance through our isolationSeeking solace in the wisdom we bestowTurning thoughts to the here and everafterConsuming fears in our fiery halosSay what you meanMean what you sayI`ve heard that innocenceHas led us all astrayBut don`t let them make you and break youThe world is filled with their broken emptydreamsSilence is their only virtueLocked away inside their silent screamsBut for nowLet us dance awayThis starry nightFilled with the glow of fiery starsAnd with the dawnOur sun will riseBringing a symphony of bird criesDon`t bring me down nowLet me stay here for awhileYou know life`s too shortLet me bathe here in your smileI`m transcendingThe fall from the gardenGoodnight

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