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Depeche Mode

Get Right With Me

  electronic  new wave  80s  synth pop  synthpop
406,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Depeche Mode - Get Right With Me

Depeche Mode - Get Right With Me слова песни

I will have faith in man
That is hard to understand
Show some humility
You have the ability
Get right with me

Friends, if you`ve lost your way
You will find it again some day
Come down from your pedestals
And open your mouths that`s all
Get right with me

Life is such a short thing
That I cannot comprehend
But if this life were a bought thing
There are ways I know we`d mend

People, take my advice
Already told you once, once or twice
Don`t waste your energy
Making apologies
Get right with me

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