Double You

Rebel Rebel

  eurodance  dance  90s  pop  electronic
336,00 3 часа назад

Текст песни Double You - Rebel Rebel

Double You - Rebel Rebel слова песни

Chorus IYou`re got your mother in a whirlshe`s not sure if you`re a boy or a girlhey babe your hair`s allrighthey babe let`s go out tonightChorus IIYou like me and I like it allwe like dancing and we look divineyou love bands when they play it hardyou want more and you want if fastChorus IIIThey put you down they say I`m wrongyou tacky thing you put them onChorus IVRebel rebel put on your dressrebel rebel your face is a messrebel rebel how could they knowhot tramp I love you soRepeat Chorus IRepeat Chorus IIRepeat Chorus IIIRepeat Chorus IVRepeat Chorus IIIRepeat Chorus IV

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