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Текст песни Emma Bunton - Maybe

Emma Bunton - Maybe слова песни

Love is not funnyWhen it keeps burnning insideWhen all you think ofJust how to get through the nightAnd when you want itIts just a game that you playAnd when you get itThere gonna take it awayMaybe its nothing,maybe it’s all just in my mindMaybe im foolish,maybe it’s just a waste of timeThen I don’t think somaybe I defiantly knowThat maybe, maybe im in love.So if you want it, you want to come out to playThen u can have it, cause this got plans for the dayAnd if I want it, theres no one out there like meWhen u don’t need it, theres plenty fish in the seaMaybe its nothing, maybe its all just in my mindMaybe im foolish, maybe its just a waste of timeThen I don’t think somaybe I definitely knowWhy do I keep fooling myself, why can I let goThis is not like me , but now I definitely seeThat maybe, maybe im in love.(Maybe)

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