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Текст песни End of green - Black No. 1

End of green - Black No. 1 слова песни

"alot deeper than peter"[type o negative cover, written by Peter Steele]She`s in love with herself.She likes the dark.On her milk white neck.The Devil`s mark.It`s all Hallows Eve.The moon is full.Will she trick or treat.I bet she will.She`s got a date at midnight.With Nosferatu.Oh baby, Lilly Munster.Ain`t got nothing on you.Well when I called her evil.She just laughed.And cast that spell on me.Boo Bitch Craft.Yeah you wanna go out `cause it`s raining and blowing.You can`t go out `cause your roots are showing.Dye em black.Black no. 1Little wolf skin boots.And clove cigarettes.An erotic funeral.For witch she`s dressed.Her perfume smells like.Burning leaves.Everyday is Halloween.Loving you was like loving the dead.

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