Enrique Iglesias

Don`t Turn Off the Lights

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Текст песни Enrique Iglesias - Don`t Turn Off the Lights

Enrique Iglesias - Don`t Turn Off the Lights слова песни

I don`t have to tell you
What this is all about
Cause baby half the fun
Is in us figuring it all out
So why you gotta ask me
What I`m doing now
Cause I don`t like to question
What I still haven`t found
So don`t turn off the lights
I don`t wanna be in the dark tonight
Cause I can`t read your mind
I need to know if what I`m doing is right
Don`t turn off the lights
So tell me how we`re gonna get there
It`s hard to even try
But if we move together
We`ll end up on the same side
If you know what I`m feeling
Would you run and where would you go
If you want to see what I`m thinking then just turn on the lights
and you`ll know

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