Enrique Iglesias

If the World Crashes Down

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Текст песни Enrique Iglesias - If the World Crashes Down

Enrique Iglesias - If the World Crashes Down слова песни

You make me strong
You make me weak
You lift me off my feet
You give me hope
When all my dreams
Seem like they`re out of reach
You make me understand
The way perfect love should be
You take me toa place
So High
I never wanna leave
Sometimes i think of all the things
I should have said
I hope it`s not to o late
I wanna make you understand
If the world crashes down over me
I know that my life is complete
Cause I`ve held you
In my arms all night
Cause I can`t imagine lige
Without you by my side
You shisper in my ear the words
"Just hold me close tonight"
And when the pain is holding me
Your love just sets me free

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