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Franks Enemy

Acts Of Love

715,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Franks Enemy - Acts Of Love

Franks Enemy - Acts Of Love слова песни

I don`t know the circumstancesAll I`ve heard is what I readAnd a couple of people where I workedAre dead of the diseaseYour emptiness your void no differentThan the one once inside meSomeone got in front of your eyesAnd became so temptingWho was the human landmineThat you shared passions with?What was going on in his mindThe moments that you kissed?Awareness of death`s specterOr ignorance untold?Or fear of what was in your blood not knowing what was in his ownSo tempting to sayI`m glad I`m not youGet away from meYou`re not like meSo tempting to sayIt`s your own faultYou asked for it allHear judgment`s callTil God pulls me from my sinAnd shows me all the hate I`m inNothing left to do but giveAnd pray that you can still liveMy flesh so used to searchingSometimes forgets it`s foundAll the reason it needs to liveBeyond touch and sight and soundSo tempting have been the situationsIt has been throughNo guarantee that in the futureI won`t have to face what`s facing youIf Jesus is my masterHis Spirit the Source from which I liveI must allow Him to take over meAllow Him to let me giveTo temper exhortationsWith decisive acts of loveActs with fingers that point not at meBut straight up aboveCholera in times of loveTriumph of the pillSex is dead the new cryThe god of choice is illChildren of the revolutionSlowly eaten awaySociety binge and purgeOf liberation waysConqueror germs in the airRunning through veinsAll across the face of the earthA growing red stainSouls spiraling downward fallingSolutions backfiredAccompanying drought of loveEros getting tired

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