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Текст песни Garbage - Untouchable

Garbage - Untouchable слова песни

This is nothing new to me
It takes more than what you got
To frighten me
I`m not scared of you
There`s nothing you can do
Or take from me

You think you`re untouchable
You know
No one`s untouchable

You`re bound to lose the game
There`s no one else to blame
You play so safe
And you`re not risking enough
You are doomed to be undone
I swear I`ll be the one
To bring you down
It`s all your fault
Cause you got caught

It must be nice
To be so sure
And never feel insecure
It must feel good to believe
You`re always right
And you`re never wrong

You`ve got something to say
You say it to my face
And be a man about it
You got a problem with me
Don`t go behind my back
Just like a baby

Pride comes before you take a fall
You`d best beware a woman scorned
Cause no one`s untouchable

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