Pocket Pool

  thrash metal  metal  heavy metal  punk  thrash
208 3 часа назад

Текст песни Gwar - Pocket Pool

Gwar - Pocket Pool слова песни

Little Flopsy flaps around.
He flaps on up and flaps on down.
He`s just flippy flappy happy slappy kind crappy clown.
Flap Flopsy flap, wrap a slimey lap around the map If you do these things,
Flopsy baby your going to take a nap
Birdies know
Rivers flow
Doggy always go
Your playin` pocket pool (that`s right) pocket everyday
When you got the pool in pocket it`s always that way
Pig-dick sandwich porcu-butt pie
Slup it up with yer black eye bride
Got them Rocky Mountain oysters on the side...

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