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Текст песни Happy Campers - Struggle

Happy Campers - Struggle слова песни

You can keep a good man downif he won`t stand up and fightit`s time to wake upit`s time to see the lightequality doesn`t existit`s just an ideal in the mindthere`s not enough to go aroundso take what you can findMud on your faceKick me sign on your backthey took it allit`s time to take it backdo unto othersand watch them beat you downdon`t fall below the surfacethey`ll let you drownthey`ll let you downBlack and blueTattered and tornYou`ve been gettin stepped onsince the day that you were bornthey say give upcause you can`t winyou`re stuck on hte outsideand they wont let you inI took all the crap I canand I can`t take no moreif they won`t let me inI`m breaking down the doorDisregard the rulesDisregard the lawsthey`ll get you nothingI want it allthey`ll lead you to believethat you`re doing just finethey`ll live like kingsand you`ll fall farther behindI remember a song i had to sing when i was 10"this land is your land, this land is mine"and i believed what they saidand you believed what they saidand we believed what they saidbut they lied to meand they`ll lie to you tooand they`ll go on denyingand we`ll go on dyingI`m not afraid to diejust afraid to never have livedand the struggle goes on and on(we can take no more)

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