Janet Jackson

Hold Back The Tears

  pop  rnb  female vocalists  dance  soul
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Текст песни Janet Jackson - Hold Back The Tears

Janet Jackson - Hold Back The Tears слова песни

So sad, but theres nothin that I can doThings are so bad, forget every word Ive spoken to youLove is when it touches you down insideWhy really are you lookin for somewhere to hideChorus:Youve gotta hold back the tearsSoon you will discover maybe there could be someone who cares for youYouve gotta hold back the tearsDont have to say never, love will come to those who are preparedTime will never be on your sideListen, could be your only chance to surviveThis love is waiting to call you homeDont read youll ever be on your ownRepeat chorusTo give it backThis is all youre ever gonna beWell, is it all worth whileTheres so much that I want you to seeIt could be all worth while

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