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Текст песни Jennifer Lopez - Too Late

Jennifer Lopez - Too Late слова песни

First you say that you have to go away
I never should have been with you anyway
Now you stay you want to stay
It`s too late `cause I`m sending you on your way
You say that you have to go away
I never really loved you anyway
Now you say you want to stay
It`s too late It`s too late

Like a puppet on a string
You came and took control of me
Would have given anything
To be your one and only
Filled my head with fantasies
Of what one day you`d give to me
Full of hope for what could be
I sat and waited patiently


For a time you were for me
Everything I could need
Gave me time and diamond rings
But something else was missing
You never stayed the whole night through
I suffered, prayed and cried for you
After all that we`ve been through
I feel I never even knew you


There`s no need to call me on the phone
I don`t wanna hear from you no more
No need, don`t call
Don`t be a fool and stand outside my door
Cause being the woman that I am
I got to go on with other plans


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