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Текст песни Kmfdm - megalomaniac | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3

Kmfdm - megalomaniac | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3 слова песни

----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of thesong. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 23:53:08 -0400From: renihan Subject: k/kmfdm/ MEGALOMANIACby KMFDMthe leadoff track from the new record, "explosionskullbombspiralfist" :)this is a cool song. yup.Verse riff:e----------B----------G----------D-4-4--5-5-A-4-4--5-5-E-2-2--3-3-there`s also an electronic bassline which is basically the same;e---------------B---------------G---------------D---------------A---------------E-2-x-x-x-2-3-2-then there`s the chorus riff:e----------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------G----------------------------------------------------------------D----------11-12----------11-14----------11-12-------------------A--7h9-7h9--9-10--7h9-7h9--9-12--7h9-7h9--9-10--7h9-7h9-5h7-3h5--E----------------------------------------------------------------Then, at 3:30, there`s another part (an interlude, I suppose)e----------------------------------------B----------------------------------------G----------------------------------------D-11--9/12-12-10--7-6--11--9/12-12-9-11--A--9--7/10-10--9--5-4---9--7/10-10-7--9--E----------------------------------------which ends, at about 4:00, withe--------------B--------------G--------------D--------------A--------------E--2-7-7-9-----the lyrics are:Die Wunder Dieser Welt Werden Dir GeschenktGluck Ist Nicht Kauflich Sehnsucht Bleibt UnerreichtPreisratsel Winken NimmersattKein Mitleid Fur Die MehrheitNihilistic MysticsApostolic AlcoholicsMessianic ManicsCataclysmis and ProlificIn The Age Of Super-BoredomHype and MediocrityCelebrate RelentlessnessMenace To SocietyRefuse Is Our InspirationTerrorism Our TradeSabotage and PiracyChaos Our Mental StateMesmerizing FesteringIntended For The Faint Of HeartCultish And AnthemicUntil Death Us Do PartLike a Fiendish Tropic VirusSpitting Bile On All You WhoresRazor-Sharp Tongue In CheekPoking At Your Open SoresA Wolf In Sheep`s ClothingThe Ultimate DisgraceWrapped Up As A Gift Of GodExploding In Yr. FaceWenn Der Untergrund Bebt Ist Die Ordnung ErschuttertDer Verrat An Der Seele Macht Leben UngesundMit Unschlagbaren Reimen Werden Wir Uns VertreibenDie Zeit Der Langen Weile Bis Zum Grossen BumsCHORUS:This is Counter Culture>From The UndergroundEternal RevolutionThis Is Our SoundKMFDM- Better Than The BestMegalomaniacal And Harder Than The Rest-----------------------------------------and that`s pretty much the whole song... yayi`d love some feedback or

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