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Текст песни Krisiun - Evil Mastermind

Krisiun - Evil Mastermind слова песни

Hear the call of the masterthe light that blinds your eyesthe light that set you on fire of violencefrom the darkness the voice of commandthat pierces your fleshit must kill your enemiesmutilating and santifyingin the name of glorycalling the evil master of your mindIn the name of your truthflaming agony and deathto the man of a new world empirelies and plague are spreading outviolence is the curewithout mercy make blood spill out from their eyesin the name of your commandmorbid shadows of the nightThe purification before the soul that risesthe new world empire is gonna be ruinedhome of damnedthey follow the master of a new agethe age of evil the kingdom of truththe kingdom of violencefeel the fire taht burns your corpsecall the evil mastermind

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