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Текст песни Kylie Minogue - Where In The World

Kylie Minogue - Where In The World слова песни

1: There`ll never me Another moment like this The touch of your hand May me this Is our final kiss And I don`t know why You`re leaving tonight It`s so hard to believe am I dreaming Or is this goodbye CHORUS: Where in the world will I be without youIf you are leaving Where is the love that was meant to be true And we believed in Now you`re saying that you`re leaving me Taking your heart setting me free Don`t know where in the world I will be If you are leaving 2: I`ll never know As long as I live Feelings so deep in my heart From a love such as this So don`t take away The light from my day The sun and the moon would be mine If only you`d stay CHORUS: (repeat & fade)

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