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Текст песни Law - Son 2*16

Law - Son 2*16 слова песни

oh fuck youзЈ–e still alive - I`m glad to see you again oh I`m really scared, I swear that I failed to knowI hear you say that I never seemed to love youand when I`m asleep I don`t want to hear you ?and I don`t know that I saw you drownand I don`t know what I sawand I don`t know.... you drownedoh you never saw, I bleed to keep you unknownno you would never know, what I felt: left all aloneand I lied to please the crowd that I belong to as welland I lied ?.crawl out and share the loveI can`t explain the anger and that once I used to knowThat I was the one who tried to escapeTried to hold you back in my headand I didn`t want to hurt youand I didn`t want to hear youand I didn`t want to leave youand couldn`t even reach youand I lied - so I lied - never lied

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