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Текст песни Lea Salonga - Chiquitita

Lea Salonga - Chiquitita слова песни

(b. andersson/b. ulvaeus)Chiquitita, tell me whats wrongYoure enchained by your own sorrowIn your eyes, there is no hope for tomorrowHow I hate to see you like thisThere is no way you can deny itI can see that youre oh, so sad, so quietChiquitita, tell me the truthIm a shoulder you can cry onYour best friend, Im the one you must rely onYou were always sure of yourselfNow I see youre broken and fed upI hope we can patch it up togetherRefrain:Chiquitita, you and I knowHow the heartaches come and they goAnd the scars, theyre leavinYoull be dancin once againAnd the pain will endYou will have no time for grievinChiquitita, you and I criedBut the sun is still in the skyAnd shining above youLet me hear you sing once moreLike you did beforeSing a new song, chiquititaTry once more, like you did beforeSing a new song, chiquititaSo the walls came tumblin downAnd your loves turned lonely and dreadfulAll is gone and it seems too hard foreverChiquitita tell me the truthThere is no way you can deny itAll I see that youre, oh so sad, so quiet(repeat refrain)Coda:Try once more, like you did beforeSing a new song, chiquitita

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