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Jealous Guy

  hip-hop  rap  hip hop  rnb  hiphop
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Текст песни Mase - Jealous Guy

Mase - Jealous Guy слова песни

f/ 112, PuffyYou know, There`s a lot of jealous guys in this townAnd many other towns I go to, ah yeahBut I`m afraid right now I`m so hurtI`ma need 112 and Puff, to help me explain how I feelSo come on fellas, help me outLadies, There`s jealous guys in our town, oh baby (repeat twice)Mase:Well, Well, WellNow would you be mad, If I, gave back your girlOr would it still be a problem with the entire Harlem worldAt first you were singing , that she was your exBut you was ready to kill me when you found out we had sexWhen I came and told you the dealYou wouldn`t admit how you feelNow you know your girl love meWhy can`t you just let it be.....just let it beLadies, There`s jealous guys in our town, oh baby (repeat twice)Puffy:check this outGirl I really hope you find a new loverCause Mase can`t take no more, of you fuckin him and his brotha, ut uhAnd girl what make you think you could do what ya doAnd think that we`ll be standing here fightin over you, come onWhen I came and told him the dealHe wouldn`t admit how he feelNow he know his girl love meWhy can`t he just let it be.....just let it beLadies, There`s jealous guys in our town, oh baby (repeat twice)As I said before, I go by the name of Puffy DaddyAnd I`m a Scorpio and I`m not a jealous guyCome on sing for me MaseLadies, There`s jealous guys in our town, oh baby (repeat twice)You see if we had more pimps, It wouldn`t be no jealous guysSee me I live by the four pimp rulesNumber one, you control the situationyou get in they head before you get in they bedAnd number two, girls run like buses you may miss onecatch one every hour on the hour, promptlyAnd number three, What that girl ain`t willin to doyou got a hundred more girls more than willinAnd number four, is a new rule to the new pimp testamentyou can`t be a playa and hate the playasthat don`t make no senseI don`t wanna see no more jealous guys at the end of this song y`allI really don`t wanna see no more jealous guys at the end of this song y`allSo can y`all sing along with meI mean put your hands togethersing along y`all , sing along everybodyI just really wanna come and let you knowgirl you just got to let them go causethere jealous guys, jealous guys, And I`ll tell, I`ll tellAnd it`s gonna show ,love is gonna showit`s gonna show, oh baby it`s gonna show oh oh(repeat)Now that`s the end of our discussionTo all the player haters and player hatettsMase, Harlem World, Puff Daddy and 112Telling you to be a lover and not a hater, you`ll get further in lifeGod bless and good night

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