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Текст песни Motley Crue - Black Promises

Motley Crue - Black Promises слова песни

Everythings moving backwardsIts been that way for so longWhen all my cries like butterfliesDrift slowly awayI cant relate to no oneSifting through all my so called friendsAint what I like to doBut give or take my wreckage pastDies slowly awayAnd now the battles begun(chorus)Black promises, black promisesFace down in a hole, Im sinkin belowTill I face myselfIm letting go, so on with the showTill I face myselfNevermind all the pityI rattle on all the snakes I knewI chewed the bone, got criticizedAnd hid all the painBeneath it all I still face the same face(chorus)(chorus)

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