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Текст песни Motley Crue - Hammered

Motley Crue - Hammered слова песни

Act like Jesus crucified again
These four walls are closing in
Who and what do you think you are
A rich mother-fucker in a fancy car?
Concrete jackal sucking on the past
Gold card junkie kissin` money`s ass

You`re the monkey on my back
And it`s time for you to go
You`re more harm than my advice
And I don`t wanna know

Hey, Mr. Big Time Hollywood
Tell your story walkin`
If you think you could
Your money`s runnin` low
On your cocaine whores
Nothin` but a rat scratchin` at my door
Now I`ve said all I`m gonna say
Times will judge, see who fades away


Now you`re feelin` low, tired, and beaten
Razor blades and daggers pierce your soul
You`re six feet in the hole
Get down on your knees in Hollywood
Time to kiss some ass
You`re the monkey on my back
And it`s time for you to go

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