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Текст песни Motley Crue - On With The Show

Motley Crue - On With The Show слова песни

Frankie died just the other nightSome say it was suicideBut we knowHow the story goesWith his six string knifeAnd his street wise prideThe boy was a man before his timeAnd she knewAll their dreams would come trueBut ya see, frankie was fastToo fast to knowHe wouldn`t go slowUntil his lethal doseAnd she knowsHe`ll finally come too closeWell, on with the showGoing on with the showCome on babyNo, no, noOh my, my, my......He awas badHe was never goodBut one thing that he understoodAnd she knewAll those lies would come trueThe time has come andHe`s paid his duesSuzy finally got the newsShe always knewThis day would come soonHe was stopped on a dimeWith a switchblade knifeSome damn punk went andTook frankie`s lifeAnd she knewShe`d have to pull throughBroken down, with his broken dreamsWith a wink of an eyeSaid suzy, listen to meYou must goOn with the showGo on with the showCome on babyNo no noOh my my my.....Oh baby

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