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Текст песни Motley Crue - SKYLAR`S SONG

Motley Crue - SKYLAR`S SONG слова песни

I`m starin` into the nightSeen the times of my life with youWith you it`ll always be rightMy burnin` lightYour star will shine tonightSky, you will always be mineI feel the angels by your sideI thought there would always be timeThis love of mineFor our love in a future time(Chorus)I feel you with me at nightI sense your every moveI know you hear meAnd everything I doI dream of the things that you sayAnd the times that we playYour love is the warmth of my dayIt`ll never fade away(Chorus)I swear my never-ending love to youLord it`s true a never-ending love to you(Chorus)I do it for youLove, my never-ending love for you (Repeat)

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