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Neil Finn

Spirit Of The Stairs

  singer-songwriter  new zealand  rock  pop  indie
231,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Neil Finn - Spirit Of The Stairs

Neil Finn - Spirit Of The Stairs слова песни

You see the truthAnd you cannot hideYou`re so in tuneYou feel it insideJustice revengeTickle all overLily and swordDamnation, rewardThe spirit of the stairsEveryone thinks but no one dares Wishes made a sad lamentAfter he`s goneRidicule or envyNow you can`t forget meI`m fixed in your mindLike a knot in the twineTo the dark and pouring rainInto the trap she sets againHear my wooden footsteps on her trainHear my wooden footsteps againTough outer shellBut so you can tellShe`s soft underneathWhere you sink your teethLook sad, too bad, you`re tongue tiedHow many times a day you`re too dumb or too shyTwo, three, four, five, count the stairsSpirit hears what I should have saidAnd she knows whyAfter she`s gone

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