New Found Glory

Singled Out

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Текст песни New Found Glory - Singled Out

New Found Glory - Singled Out слова песни

I think that all the years we shared were proof enough
To extend my hand and help you
I know that getting started can be rough
If you smile
You seem grateful
I felt good about myself
That`s until the day you show me
You told me anybody else...

Why`d you have to go?
And make me say these things about you
Why`d you have to turn around?
After all that we`ve been through

I figured all the memories were proof enough
To let me open your eyes
For the people you think hold your trust
Do you ever smile?
And find it shameful,
Because you don`t know who you are?
I am glad you never told me...
You needed anybody else

What will you do when there`s no one to fall back on?
I won`t be there
I`ve learned my lesson
What will you do when there are no friends to fall back on?
Because they`ve all been stepped on

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