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Текст песни Nocturnal Rites - The Sign

Nocturnal Rites - The Sign слова песни

Hear the cry from the underworld,to pull you underIt`s the enemy, the journey ends hereLight the path throughout the night,it`s getting closeSanctuary in a hollow voidSee a sign appear in the darkYour sould will perish in flamesThe Sign of the two turns to oneNo savior uo highThe promised euphoria`s goneSo hell is life and deathFell the breath inside your minde,it prevades your soulHear the voices cry, through the neverYour eyes turn inside out; you`re all alone nowFeel your heart explode, piece by piecePain, suffering just do it,death is the blessing you seekYour soul will be free,Life is an endless torture,for the mindless and weakYou`re killing yourself

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