Baby I Would

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Текст песни O-Town - Baby I Would

O-Town - Baby I Would слова песни

Baby I would

Would I walk a fire just to be with you
Be with you
Would I cross an ocean just to hold you,
Would I give up all I had just to see you smile
To see you smile
Would I walk through hell in night twice


Baby I would
Baby I will
Baby I’d do that gladly
Be all you need
Do anything
To make you happy
Baby I could
Baby I can
Do anything you ask me
Baby I can
Baby I could
Baby I would

Would I be the harbor always there for you
There for you baby
Would I be the shelter there to treat for you,
Would I be the loving light to light your way
To light your way,
And would I defend you with my life


I’ll keep you from the cold
I’ll be there to hold you
Any tears should find your eyes
I would be the one to dry them
I would risk it all and give it all to you


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