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[Sticky Fingaz]Follow my footsteps, used to ante up for a nickel sackFrom Vange Hill to Moon, you touch me, I got to get you backRoll on the stolen V`s with he-ho chase youCop a six more time, and 3 years probationWe be offender, bender, no retreat, no surrenderI`m the number one contenderI got a new game plan, strictly sportin name brandLayin in the pound hunted, footin through your town bluntedOn some shit that get you burnt throatsAmputated all the turn coats, and get crematedNever been B-rated, my 5 plated, is how I get fightsI have your family driving in the daytime wit they head lights[Chorus: All City]I`m daily thinkin of a life gleaminThat life we in, how to obtain, and what`s the meaninThe fact that cash rules, these last daysWe the last crews, my present wars and my past rulesTrue soldier, no matter the goalWe gettin closer, for bitch ass niggas, it`s just about overI`m in it for the long haul, this goes outTo all my true livin dogs and my SOHO[Fredro Starr]Don`t talk about it, make it happ`Don`t fake it chapThe hennecy act, got you light gatYou wanna block, try to hold nineSon you livin on my time, don`t try to OvershinePlay your p, play your positionI stay with G, stay on a missionPrecisely, good, wit game, I`m nicelyShifftee son, still shiestyYou in your eight fifty, ridin shotgunIf you can count your money, you ain`t got noneAnd bitches beat they game tightBaby, get the name right, see G. comin, like a train lightAnd niggas be don pretendingBut I`m armed and bendin, so they can get the John LennonHundred dollar gator playersSilk shirts and champagne, don`t know a thing about the damn game[Chorus][Sonsee]My artistic creation, or decoration will set the nationWith AlphaStation of lyric lacin, for all occasionsEngagements and events, for big dollars and centsMakin niggas past tense, it`s consequenceAll I see around me, makes up the placeBut if you don`t hold down your space, you quickly get erasedDon`t waste, a thought, thinkinI ain`t gon` be bringin the guns that grants holeTo my body, dead and stinkinWatch as I back draft, on the last glass, and trap crashCatch the hash blast, when I puff the black wrathLearn the tricks of the trade, to be self madeThose who slept, stay where they started and got played[Chorus]

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