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Текст песни Rammstein - In Out

Rammstein - In Out слова песни

(Translation To: Rein Raus)

I am the rider
You are the horse
I climb on
We ride off
You moan
I whisper to you
An elephant in the eye of a needle

In, out

I am the rider
You are the horse
I have the key
You have the lock
The door opens
I enter
Life can be so splendorous

In, out

Deeper, deeper
Say it! Say it loud!
Deeper, deeper
I am well within your skin
And a thousand elephants break out

The ride was short
I am sorry
I climb off
I have no time
I must go now to the other horses
They also want to be ridden

In, out

In (deeper)
Out (deeper)

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