Sell Me Candy

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Текст песни Rihanna - Sell Me Candy

Rihanna - Sell Me Candy слова песни

Sell me candy like it`s summer
When it`s melting in my hand
All year around like the ice cream man
I can hear you calling whisper something in my ear
Sweet it like sugar tell me what I wanna hear
I`m weak by your touch you almost knocking out my licks
A rush through my body, then u let my body tip
U selling me a fantasy that i wanna explore
Sound so good it`s got me rotten to the core.

Talk to me, take care of my dreams
All I need
Is you beside me.
It`s destiny, steady beat
Of the words you speak
Baby sell it to me

Sell me candy
Sell me love
Sell me heaven
Sell me doves
What`s the charge
What`s the cost
Male:[I`m me daddy]
You`re the boss

See you`re professional, boy you make a sale
Try to resist but every time I fail
The one temptation that I gotta enjoy
You`re running through my garden now u`re knocking at my door
Forbidden little kiss, and you call it bittersweet
The shorty that you rocking with ain`t nothin` like me.
Selling me a fantasy that I wanna explore
Sound so good it`s got me rotten to the core.
You know


I want it babe
More than u know
So don`t u leave and dont u go
I want it all, until time falls
These arms, oh won`t u roam
I want love, give u my trust
I wanna live for both of us
I wanna breath ya, lay on shoulder
I wanna warm ya when nights colder

I wanna love, love
I wanna love, love

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