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Текст песни Run D.M.C. - Here We Go 2001

Run D.M.C. - Here We Go 2001 слова песни

{*scratched*: "Check this out"}[DMC] One two three, in the place to be.. {*"be"*}[Run] And this is Sugar Ray, and Run-D.M.C.[R+D] HERE WE GO![hook 1: Run-D.M.C.]D.M.C. and DJ RunDum-diddy-dum diddy-diddy-dum-dumWe`re rockin on the mic and then you know where we`re fromDum-diddy-dum diddy-diddy-dum-dumWe hope y`all ready for the big beat drumDrum-diddy-dum diddy-diddy-drum-drumSo people in the place here the big beat comeHere it come, here it come, here it kiddy-come-come[Run]Cool chief rocka, don`t drink vodkaUsed to keep cheeba inside my lockerUsed to get to` down, now I slowed downHold the flow down from Motown to yo` townI be the MC that rip it nightlyThey said could be lucky, yeah might be, slightlyBut if it`s luck, then I`m the luckiest you knowI`m runnin this, king of rock yo, here we go[hook 2: Sugar Ray]In the history of the songAnd the list be goin on and onSince the days of rock`n`roll, Purple Haze, hip-hop`n`soulSo here we go.. {"Here we go!"}Yeah! Here we go now!Yeah! DJ Run[Run]Rhymes so def, rhymes rhymes galore loreRhymes that you never even heard before foreSay you heard my rhymes, we`re gonna have to fightcause I just made the hot {shit} up last nightThat`s right I rhyme tight for cats on the blockTook it to new heights, look at Kid RockY`all eat what I cook to put y`all onSo have a Limp Bizkit and a piece of Korn[hook 1][both]Deva-stating, mic controllerThe word wiz-ard and the chief rock roller[R] Bad b-boy made for the b-girlsRock rulin rhymes as the turntable twirls[R] Su-preme people who was born to talkAnd over any corny rap king, we`ll exalt![R] These are the kings from around the wayyy{"Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay!"}[hook 2]{*Sugar Ray guitarist plays to end*}

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